Business ethics essay

Business is not the object of our interest, at least as we did in school and did not do this important, when-I-growth-I-choice. However, it may become one of the essay topics that could be written, because sooner or later every student faces this particular sphere of life. In this article we are not going to tell you about the rules concerning the introduction-body-body, but we will expand your knowledge about what should be transferred to the essay business ethics

Essay on business ethics: Main issue

What is business ethics? Business ethics is one of the most important but also the least explored area in modern business life. In the area of business ethics, the question is whether this practice is acceptable or that business practices are acceptable

For example, does the seller have the right to hide any information about the low level of safety of the product when it is presented to the customer? Should the accountant report any errors found during the audit, knowing that there is a chance that the client may terminate his cooperation with the company? Should car manufacturers use new expensive security details, knowing that the car will become too expensive for the customer? Business ethics is controversial in nature, and it cannot be clearly defined

However, in this article we will highlight the most important issues that will give you a clearer idea of this phenomenon and can be fully reflected in the business ethics essays. Let' s look at these topics from different perspectives and compile several lists of the most popular and interesting topics that guarantee you overall success

The topics on business ethics that are worth discussing

When you realized that it was time to start writing an essay, you'd have to pick the right theme (at least if the professor didn' t specify it). Your theme should be relevant and unsound in order to be of interest to your reader, as well as to show your own attention to the problem of business ethics and understanding of its main problematic concepts. Of course, in order to find such a topic, a number of studies need to be undertaken, some specific articles should be read, and the use of additional information resources should not be neglected. Nevertheless, we offer you a short path to business ethics that will contribute to your choice and focus your attention on its main issues, which will not leave indifferent

Problems of diversity and harassment

The issue of diversity has always been an active discussion and, in the case of business, it remains one of the most important ethical issues. Any company or enterprise employs people with a completely different life, interests and symbols, and it is important that every employee respect their identity and rights. The same applies to sexism, racism and many other "isms". With the support of social stereotypes, the problem of gender and race often leads to different conflicts among staff. You need to recognize these problems in your business and look for solutions

  • Employers prefer men and why?
  • Quotas for different cultures: combating discrimination
  • Why can't people be fired for being gay?
  • Equality of salaries for multinational staff
  • The problem of harassment in the workplace
  • Validity of the various rights of LGBTQ + employees
  • There is another aspect that you can include in your business ethics essay-and this is a question of privacy in the workplace. People are always trying to protect their private information from outsiders, and they also have the right to privacy, which should not be violated even in the workplace. You can find answers to important questions about the privacy issues that employees may encounter, as well as identify the most common problems that arise in this connection

  • To what extent can a supervisor be responsible for supervising the actions of staff members?
  • Limit the use of social media during working hours
  • Personal information that should not be told to colleagues
  • How to protect your privacy in the workplace
  • Disclosure: security or excessive secrecy?
  • Program monitoring as a performance mechanism
  • Each of us may experience health problems, and sometimes it is your job. The number of working hours, work environment, insurance-all these and many other factors can affect the quality of your work and health. On the basis of health problems, you can write an essay for any purpose-from definition to debatable. Choose an interesting topic-and you are ready to get a "A."

  • The main goal of security in the workplace
  • The need for employee insurance
  • How to protect your health at work
  • Health standards for office implementation
  • The importance of the following emergency procedures in the workplace
  • Safety of machines and the safety of employees
  • Problem with the accountant

    In addition to issues related to business ethics in the company, some other issues are beyond the scope of the workspace. One of these aspects is the consideration of both within and outside the company. How is the salary paid to employees? What penalties should be applied? How do I set a fair wage or a price for customers? Do a little deeper-and you will find a wide range of interesting topics for your essay on business ethics

  • Should the price be more based on the quality of the product or on the efforts made to produce it?
  • To what extent should wages depend on the effectiveness of the staff member's work?
  • How often do men earn more than women?
  • How to be honest with the client and set a well-balanced price?
  • Unfixed pay and its impact on the workflow
  • The starting division of income between business partners
  • It is certainly possible to think more strongly of the options offered. Make sure that the selected theme is relevant in the context of business ethics and the expression of your ideas to solve specific problems. We would also like to offer you a few more topics for essay on business ethics, which are related to other aspects of the problem

  • Conflicts involving religion at work
  • Social responsibility of staff
  • What makes a good business leader?
  • The main causes of unethical accidents at work
  • Issue of the responsibility of enterprises for the environment
  • Why would a candidate's social status affect wages?
  • We hope that these business ethics essays will be effective for you and give you some confidence in the future essay. Choose one of the suggested themes or make your own, which will undoubtedly be unique. Remember that nothing is impossible-everything you need is to find the right approach!